Last fall this outfit had 8 hunters wanting goat as their primary animal and all were successful. Quite a few took a second animal on a trophy fee. HCU hunter, Alan Henderson, took an old dry nanny and was very happy with his hunt. It was the first nanny taken in several years and this does not hurt the population. Top billy gross scored 47. No bowhunters last fall. Two grizzlies were taken on trophy fees and one was a MONSTER WITH A 26 2/8 SKULL SQUARING OUT AT 9 FOOT 1 INCH interior grizzly.

Fall of 2015 there were 7 hunters in camp with goat tags. 6 billies were killed and the best scored 47. The one combo hunter that had a goat tag did see some, but couldn’t get to them and he took a moose.

In 2014 all 3 goat hunters tagged billies. In 2013 all 10 goat hunters took home billies and a combo hunter also scored. Best goat went 47 inches with 5 inch plus bases.

10 day 1 on 1 hunt is $12,500 and you can add additional animals on a $4,000 trophy fee basis and success typically runs near 100 percent on moose and elk. The outfitter INCLUDES the tax and government royalty fees.

He offers your choice of horseback hunt, river hunt or backpack hunts. Spike camps are the norm and dates are August 25 to October 15. They have exclusive guiding and outfitting rights to over 4 million acres.

Hunters pay for licenses, tags and charter from Fort Nelson to base camp for about $1,500. THIS OUTFITTER ALSO OFFERS YOUTH PRICES FOR 18 AND UNDER WITH AN ADULT ON A 2X1 BASIS FOR ONLY A $3,500 TROPHY FEE. Hunt MG483. 

HCU hunter Chuck Behary took his British Columbia billy with this outfitter.

Here is another HCU hunter, Rick Kolesar, with a big old billy on this same Hunt MG483.