Last fall they had a total of 11 goat hunters, all 5 rifle hunters tagged billies and of the 6 archers 2 killed, 2 hit and lost, one hunter missed and the last hunter had no good opportunities. Top 2 billies went 53 and 50 inches.

2015 was a superb year with 16 hunters killing 15 goats and 10 were archers. Best goat went book at 52 inches and several were taken in the 48 to 50 inch range.

This outfitters 4,000 square mile area in the Coastal Mountain range has produced more of the “Top Fifty” record book goats than any other area and also has the highest goat density area in North America. They specialize in bowhunts and their clients have taken many book billies with archery gear and rifles.

The fall hunt is from August 1 to October 31. 10 days 1×1 is $12,900 plus a $2,000 trophy fee. Black bear can be added on a $2,000 kill fee and they take some monster coastal bears. Hunters are own to one of 30 remote lakes for this backpack hunt.

They also offer the winter goat hunt November 1 to February 28 at $19,400 plus a $2,000 trophy fee. Prices do include charter ights, but not license, tags or tax. Hunters are met in Terrace. October openings for 2017. Hunt MG473. 

Frank Kusler and his nice billy.

Jeff Lee and his record book billy.

Pat Obrien and his nice billy.

Brady Bradford with his nice billy.

Diana Adams with her nice billy.

John Faeth with his good billy.

Pete Dewindt with his good billy.