This is a bargain priced hunt that still has good success for the hunter that just cannot afford the more normal $12,000 to $14,000 goat hunt. Boat hunts can be just as physical as the more normal high country hunt, so be in shape.

In 2016 his 5 hunters tagged 3 billies and a nanny. The unsuccessful hunter had hip problems, making the climb too demanding. Size ran from 8 inches up to just over 9 inches.

Fall of 2015 he had 4 hunters tag 4 mature billies, all 7 or 8 years in age. Over the last decade his hunters have taken 61 goats and 59 were billies. This is a very personal operation typically guided by the outfitter himself.

In 2014 he only ran 3 goat hunters and they took 2 billies and a old dry 9 and a half inch nanny. In 2013 they took 6 hunters and harvested 5 billies. Hunter and guide typically stay on a 57 foot yacht and take a zodiac to shore once a huntable goat is spotted. Goats are spotted almost daily, but not all are reachable or are in spots that would be extremely dif cult to retrieve them, so the decision is made as to which one to stalk. Elevation from the boat up to the goats is about 2,800 to 3,200 feet or a little over a mile to climb. Most hunters will take 5 to 7 hours to pick their way through the lower alders and up to the higher elevation where the goats typically live. Goats are normally spotted from the boat when hunter and guide make the climb and try to score that day, camp that night and bring the goat down the next day.

7 day September 14 to October 7 hunt guided 1×1 is $9,500 or a father/son 2×1 hunt or for a couple buddies is $8,500. A packer is normally there to assist the hunter and help bring out the goat. Hunters overnight in Anchorage and are met the next day to get licenses and driven to Whittier where you boat a couple hours to the hunting area in Prince William Sound, no charter fees. Hunts do not include license, tag or shing license, which is recommended. September 14 to 20 and 20 to 27 are open dates for 2017. HCU’s Craig Green has been on this hunt. Hunt MG242.