This has been one of the few high success wolf hunts out there. Last winter he hosted a total of 4 hunters and they killed 6 wolves. Over the course of the winter he had 31 wolves hitting 5 bait sites and he has the hunter on call so when the baits are active he calls his hunter.

The previous 2 winters 4 wolves for 5 hunters.

All HCU customers that have hunted with this Alberta farmer have been successful and have given him top-notch reviews. Price is only $4,000 plus 5% GST, a second wolf is $1,500 plus $500 per day and you might get an opportunity at a coyote. He shot 32 wolves himself over the course of 3 winters and then decided to take a few hunters every year. He has 4 box blinds with propane heat on 4 different bait sights within 30 miles of his house. Once wolves start coming into one of his baits he patterns them with trail cams and then calls one of his hunters to take a ight and get up here ASAP. All hunters are on an on call basis and quite a few of them have scheduling conflicts so he then calls the next hunter on the list. He prefers only one hunter at a time and on a 6 day hunt he averages seeing wolves at least two times. Hunts can run from January to mid-April and include house accommodations, meals, guide service and airport pickup in Edmonton. Hunt WF254. 

Gregg Wagner with a big wolf scoring 17 & 12/16!

Robert McNichols with a great wolf!