HCU’s Mark Rupert just completed his New Zealand Hunt NZ643. He took a fine silver medal stag, real nice mature fallow deer and managed to tag a free range tahr.

Mike and Rose Dunkerley with his great red stag.

Mike Dunkerley with his good tahr.

Roland Zahniser with his good fallow deer.

Roland Zahniser with his chamois.

Roland Zahniser with his red stag.

Roland Zahniser with his tahr.

Texas hunter Al Lowe recently returned from his New Zealand hunt with glowing reports. Here is the photo he sent us of his trophy red stag from Hunt NZ643.

John Fuegal and his nice red stag.

John Hansel and his huge Red Stag.

John Fuegal and his nice tahr.

Taylor Mills and his big red stag.

Taylor Mills and his nice chamois.